eNumeracy: Our Story

IMG_0361What is eNumeracy?

eNumeracy is a comprehensive assessment and progress monitoring system for early mathematics skills. eNumeracy was created for use in Kindergarten to Third Grade.

Burlington Public Schools created a common definition of number concept and number sense that ultimately leads to numeracy. Within Number Concept and Number Sense are hierarchical skills.

What are the components of eNumeracy?

Each grade level kit includes a:

Benchmark Assessment

5 Progress Monitoring Versions

Scoring Sheets

Progress Monitoring Graphs 

Why create a new assessment?

The eNumeracy development team at Burlington Public Schools needed an assessment that could provide a meaningful comparison of student’s early mathematic skills

The eNumeracy assessment was created with alignment to the Massachusetts Common Core standards in mathematics. Each subtest is directly linked to early skills that are required for advancement in primary level mathematics. The eNumeracy team created local normative data using the benchmark assessment. This local data on individual math skills has made for meaningful multi tiered systems of support in elementary math. No other assessment has focused on measuring early math skills and monitoring those skills during intervention.


Burlington eNumeracy Team